Alvaro Pérez


    By Franklin Aguirre

    Teacher and curator

    Collecting objects implies a way of preserving the memory and simultaneously, a way of understanding the world. Toys are the first objects that make up the world of the child, who later be surrounded by other accessories to help you Interact with your environment.

    These objects reflect not only his world but are metaphors of the social dynamics that In later stages of growth must understand and Implement. However, such metaphors are repeated and exhausted, highlighting the need to de-construct or reconfigure. Such rearrangement happens from the narratives of the subject, its elements or reconfiguration messages and consumables offer the means.

    The standardization of the objects after the Industrial Revolution , causes feelings of belonging and comfort In traditional social groups, but In the new generations standardization brings rejection because the subject pursues its authenticity and originally. Thus, the products are operated with different features to its initial production and "customize" it is "personalize". In recent years the industry detected and supported this practice, as it produces "white prototypes" of their products or basic version* of them to promote the activities of the users.

    This co-production is interesting because the "product" or rather the object qualifies its initial configuration through experience and the particular needs of the user who proposes new ways of use or appropriation; Showbiz and entertainment, has reached such a degree of specialization that their products are heavily protected by local and International , responsible for monitoring the Fidelity and accuracy of its artifacts legal entities.
    However, the art world seems to Ignore this phenomenon, decades or uses Iconic Images for re- semanticize through appropiation. This uncertain place conducive reviewing the content in game: long-term benefits to both -designand arts • when put Into service simultaneously.

    Alvaro Pérez , artist trained In the world of Industrial design processes clearly knows the area of Design and critically incorporates in his work. In formal terms, the extensive knowledge of materials and finishes make these interventions bill Is high. These interventions or reworkings reach their critical summit when using color as an element that questions the initial reading of the Object, triggering this way, a flow of meanings and associations. Relationships that eventuality set from the judgments and prejudices of the viewer to the realm of art and design , who enters the game to see the work and question their own reading.


    Teather and curator

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