• Light as purifier of the soul, as a lamp of the human mind

    It all starts with the mind. Everything that exists in the "cultural world" was once an idea driven by a feeling and shaped by man's faith as much as by his persistence.
    Countries in conflict, such as Colombia, frequently experience acts of constant injustice, but despite these, there are also acts of mercy and solidarity glowing, as it were, in a dark landscape. Religion—any religion—is a spiritual practice which allows man to overcome his obstacles and regain faith both in himself and in his society.
    These works, then, are an invitation to stay the course, to keep on trying and to believe in ourselves.

    La luz como purificadora del alma, como la iluminación de la mente de la raza humana.

    Todo parte de la mente. Todo lo que hay en el "mundo cultural" fue alguna vez una idea impulsada por un sentimiento y forjada tanto por la fe como por la persistencia del hombre.
    En países en conflicto como Colombia, es frecuente ver actos de injusticia constantemente, a pesar de esto también hay actos de misericordia y solidaridad que iluminan en oscuro panorama. Es precisamente la religión -sea cual sea- una práctica espiritual que le permite al hombre superar sus obstáculos y recuperar la fe tanto en sí mismo como en su sociedad.
    Estas piezas son entonces una invitación a continuar el camino, a seguir intentándolo y a creer en nosotros mismos.

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    Información: Carlos Vargas - (+57) 313 3122556
  • Franklin Aguirre's work raises since its inception hybridization of different practices, languages, and fields of knowledge, both hegemonic and alternative spaces. In addition to the production of images, forms and processes, considered as cultural management practices, curating and artistic teaching, are also a form of art.

    Its usually two-dimensional work explores the possibility
    of dialogue with graphic design, architecture, fashion and technology, updating secular subjects using polyvalent images full of irony, sarcasm and humor.

    The complex paintings a few years ago have been synthesized and impeccable sophisticated ways that reflect broader narratives that can be read too broadly. Another of his interests is the integration of texts in his work, not only by the very conceptual load of them, but by their formal values such as drawing or gesture.

    It has recently been looking at 3D solutions, which is the possibility for reactive objects that have been domesticated, restoring its power to deconstruct their meanings critically

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