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  • MY GOLD PEBBLE Nicolas Cardenas

    “My Gold Pebble” is a sculpture that reflects the attraction of man (human kind) for material wealth. More than 450 years have passed since a Chibcha (Indigenous culture) Indian gave origin to the La Leyenda del Dorado (The City Legend the City of Gold), and still today we let ourselves be seduced by this metal, gold, and for what it represents: power.

    The legend started when Gonzalo Jimenez de Quezada, a Spanish conquistador and founder of the city of Bogota, heard of an indigenous cacique (Indian Chief) that used to bathe himself gilded in gold in a sacred lagoon, in the Andes, called Laguna de Guatavita, close to where the city of Bogota stands now days. The story of a man gilded in gold traveled all the way down to Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia, where it was told mouth to mouth, and where instead of a man people said it was a city covered in gold. The city never existed, but only in the people ́s minds whose ambition moved them to adventure in the wild looking for the Lost Dorado until now.
    The gilded surface of the rock pretends to seduce the viewer, so that he or she will feel tempted to touch it, when doing so the rock will come out of balance, if the act of touching is done roughly. Thus, although it is an inanimate object it can surprise the viewer by its movement.
    There ́s an analogy between the rock and the balanced-sound wealth, being greediness and ambition that can make someone to loose control due to the wealth of the surroundings. The rock represents a limit and a constant jeopardy of how natural resources are at risk for the search of gold.
    The size is in relation to how absurd it will be to own a real rock of these dimensions, that would only serve as an icon of the false worship of money. Also because of its proportions and weight, it can be lifted by a person who might would want to steal it, making him or her look stupid in the act of doing so.
    The shape is inspired in a baby ́s rattlesnake golden toy from the indigenous culture of Colombia and a gold nugget. The construction process is inspired in how church altars where built by the conquistadores, using gilded wood. It is a fake altar and a fake gold rock.
    All of it makes evidence of the vulnerability ,the ambition and desire of human beings.
    It shows a limit and a latent danger.
    Its size is on how absurd it would be to have a rock that size gold
    it serves no more than to create false idols .

    The ambition and temptation that humans do not get carried away by false images, no real illusions .
    This rock can function as an image of false worship money.
    The work is made of laminated and carved wood pellets and

    its surface is covered in gold leaf 24 K

    Obra Disponible:
    CARLOS VARGAS Director
    Miami (786) 4731320 Bogota 3133122556
  • Education / Educación

    • 1994-1997 Rhode Island School of Design, B.F.A. Providence RI, E.E.U.U.
    • 1992-1994 The School of The Art Institute of Chicago Chicago, ILL, E.E.U.U.
    Individual Exhibitions / Exposiciones Individuales

    • 2008 Tangible- Intangible Galeria Valenzuela & Klenner - Bogotá, Colombia
    • 2002 Nicolás Cárdenas, Esculturas Galería Diners - Bogotá, Colombia
    • 1997 Sculpture by Nicolás Cárdenas Rhode Island School of Design - Providence, RI, E.E.U.U.
    Collective Exhibitions / Exposiciones

    • 2008 Colección BBVA Feria La Otra - Bogotá, Colombia
    • 2008 Galería La Cometa Feria La Otra - Bogotá, Colombia
    • 2007 Premio BBVA Museo de Antioquia
      Museo del Banco de La República (casa de la moneda), Bogotá, Colombia
      Museo de Arte Moderno de Barranquilla
      Museo de Arte La Tertulia, Cali, Colombia
    • 2007 La Otra, feria de arte Proyecto in Situ - Bogotá, Colombia
    • 2006 Droids- Pensamiento y Robótica Cienemateca Distrital. Instituto Distrital de Cultura y Turismo - Bogotá, Colombia
    • 2006 Toy Box Silent Auction White Box - New York, NY
    • 2006 ARTBO, feria de arte Galería La Duarte - Bogotá, Colombia
    • 2006 Kromatica Galeria La Duarte - Bogotá, Colombia
    • 2006 Salón Fernando Botero Fundación Jovenes Artistas Colombianos - Bogotá, Colombia
    • 2005 ARTBO, Feria de arte Galería Good Man Duarte - Bogotá, Colombia
    • 2005 Invisibilidades - Cuatro encuentros escultóricos Galería Goodman Duarte - Bogotá, Colombia
    • 2004 Animarte 2004 Fundación Corazón Verde - Subasta Christie´s - Bogota, Colombia
    • 2004 Diez años de adquisiciones de arte joven 1992-2002 Museo del Banco de la República
      Casa Repúblicana - Bogotá, Colombia
    • 2003 El Divino Niño Centro de Cultura Contemporanea de Barcelona - Barcelona, España
    • 2003 International Paper Exhibition MG / CVS Space - New York , NY
    • 2003 William Whipple Art Gallery/Museum, Southwest State University, Marshall, MN
    • 2003 Works on paper, Monique Goldstrom Gallery - New York, NY
    • 2003 Solo Dibujo, Museo Universidad Nacional - Bogotá, Colombia
    • 2002 CHIC/ Carolina Herrera, Biblioteca Virgilo Barco - Bogotá, Colombia
    • 2002 Group Exhibition, Monique Goldstrom Gallery - New York, NY
    • 2002 Homenaje a Nueva York, Galería La Cometa - Bogotá, Colombia
    • 2002 Espera Divina, Galería Sala de Espera - Bogotá, Colombia
    • 2002 30 años Espacio Alterno, Uniandinos - Bogotá, Colombia
    • 2002 The Third Dimension, Monique Goldstrom Gallery - New York, NY
    • 2002 Image of Latin America, Whipple Gallery - Southwest State University, Marshall, MN
    • 2002 First Triennial Sculpture Exhibition, Woods-Gerry Gallery, Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, RI
    • 2001-2002 Arborizarte, Bogotá, Colombia
    • 2001-2005 La Nueva Pintura Colombiana, Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores - Bogotá, Colombia
      UNESCO, Galerie Lafayette, París, France - Bucarest National Theatre, City of Cluj Napoca
      Bucarest and Cluj Napoca, Rumania - ONU, Ginebra, Suiza
    • 2001, Galería La Pared - Bogotá, Colombia
    • 2001 Por La Libertad, Galería Sala de Espera - Bogotá, Colombia
    • 2001 Escultura, Galería Diners - Bogotá, Colombia.
    • 2000 Grandes artistas en pequeño formato, Galería Diners - Bogotá, Colombia
    • 2000 Introduction 2000, Monique Goldstrom Gallery - New York, NY
    • 1a Bienal de Arte, Ralston Purina, Galería Carrión Vivar - Bogotá, Colombia
    • 1999 Surrealist Show, Monique Goldstrom Gallery - New York, NY
    • 1999 Image of Latin America, Monique Goldstrom Gallery - New York, NY
    • 1999 Dos pintores un escultor, Galería Espacio Alterno, Uniandinos - Bogota, Colombia
    Collections / Colecciones


    • Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores
    • Colección del Banco de la República
    • Colección BBVA Colombia

    • Whipple Gallery - South West University , Minnesota
    • Queensborough Museum - Queens, New York
    Publications / Publicaciones

    • Solo Dibujo, Viillegas Editores, 2003
    Experience / Experiencia

    • 01/05 - 12/08 Docente Cátedra - Departamento de Bellas Artes
      Universidad de Los Andes Bogotá, Colombia
    • 05/30/07- Taller de escultura - San Andres Isla
      Agencia cultural, Banco de La República
    • 06/97-12/97 Manolo Valdés - Asistente de escultura
      Nueva York, E.E.U.U.
    Awards / Premios

    • 2008 Salón BBVA
      Beneficiado con la bolsa de adquisición
      Bogotá, Colombia
    • 2000 1a Bienal de Arte , Ralston Purina
      Primer puesto Escultura
      Bogotá, Colombia
    Obra disponible
    Información: Carlos Vargas - (+57) 313 3122556