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From were I live nature has a place at the end of the horizon, represented by the eastern and western hills of Bogota, at their peripheries systems of self-help housing and industry are developed, therefore, the construction progresses, and the city expands and the forest and the mountains give way to quarries and new neighborhoods.

During the journeys made in sectors such as La Resurreccion Quiroga, Calle 98 with Carrera
19 and the neighborhood La Despensa in southern Bogotá, I made a series of drawings that led me to think about the transformation of urban space, and how it keeps growing
until the cement begins covering the horizon, moving through the city , without residents become aware of this expanding phenomenon that removes boundaries and destroys our green mountains, leaving huge gaps and geometries in the landscape.

Looking at these drawings within the space of my studio which is located at the periphery in the municipality of Soacha, I noticed that the dust was something that was present in the environment wherever I would draw, but especially in my workplace , floating in space, falling dirtying everything.

This was a difficult situation to my work, becuse it had be clean up every time you started a job, so then I decided to collect dust and use it as material dropping on paper creating new drawings. The result is a series of images in which the powder allows me to generate a report about
the destroyed landscape that becomes converted and is part of the same building materials that expand the city (sand, cement, stone, gravel) floating and falling in space, showing the time, the destruction and pollution that permanently floating in the atmosphere of the city being part of the air we breathe.


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Alejandro Saiz's work is highly influenced by abstract expressionism and informalism.

His contemporary abstraction lies in the concept of wound and healing.
Clay and Gauze, Lines and Planes become silent invitations to contemplate spaces, land and fissures in a healing process.