El retorno de La Bachué/ The return of La Bachué

El retorno de La Bachué/ The return of La Bachué


Carlos Salas is one of the most important abstract painters along Colombia. His abstracts paintings are part of the emblematic creations of the Colombian arts. His conceptual projects are not strange among his artistic universe, as his projects Empty Space, Toy for construct an abstract picture or TCBS shows.

For this particular exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery, Carlos Salas combines conceptual with abstract principles in a synthesis full of colour, vibration and Art History.

Since Carlos Salas exhibited Romulo Rozo’s Bachué at Galería Mundo (Bogota) –a gallery in which he was director and art curator– he has not ceased to reflect on it, and the tracing he did of the sculpture, surrounded with its mysterious aura, has accompanied him since then. According to the artist at the time he made the tracing, La Bachué’s soul passed into the new piece as a change of skin.

The Bachué is one of the best sculptures ever carved by Romulo Rozo and is the art piece that gave name to the Colombian avant-garde Bachué (also called Bachueismo); avant-garde in which Rozo, Luis Alberto Acuña and other important artists of this generation took part. It was conceived for being the axis of for the Colombian pavilion at the Seville’s Hispano-American Fair and there it was exhibited in 1928-1929.

After the exhibition at the Hispano-American Fair the sculpture was lost and, several years after, Carlos Salas rescued the piece from the oblivion and recovered it for the Colombian Art History. His original purpose was that La Bachué could travel around Colombia and the entire World. Today, almost a century after its first apparition in Europe, La Bachué returns for continuing his artistic and historic journey.

Juan David Zuloaga

Art Curator +MÁS Arte Contemporáneo


Ken MacMullen
Film Director

Gina Quan
Art Advisor

Jean Wainwright
Art Critic

Elvira Hurrell
Fashion Designer

Marcelo Pestarino