+MÁS Arte Contemporáneo


In the twentieth and twenty -first century women had changed its role in a final and evolutionary
Freedom and working conditions have made women starring the more important events of our
existence and have made conscience of itself as an active agent for society, framed in a single
moment of evolution for the human race.
The work of Piedad Tarazona (1974) has always addressed the issue of women,
sexuality and sensuality.
Her work began on flowers finding themselves as sexual organ of plants.
Color and movement, and have always been essential key of her Plastic explorations.
In her last work is an organ, the clitoris, which synthesizes all development of her concept.
The fact that its the only existing organ in the body which function its only to generate pleasure;
Also its being a relatively new discovery for society on these times
The clítoris, is clearly one of the strongest triggers of evidence of the power of femininity today.
The artist is considering everything that symbolizes this issues today,geometrically organizing
them in repetitions, she makes intelligent comments about herself and her femininity.
For example a grid that generates a lattice of white clitoris has for name referring to her years of
Catholic school in a claustral,,,, A colorfull cross of clitoris is called I Am A Woman,,,
The result is a dynamic visual experience, with solid and transgressive comments with an
intellectual background.
Piedad Tarazona (1974) is an artist of the University of Los Andes She has exhibited in Beijing,
Singapore and Miami. And with +MAS Arte Contemporaneo has exhibited in Madrid JustMad
2015 and individually from May to July 2015.
She also was part of the START exhibition in London at the Saatchi Gallery, 2015 with +MAS Arte.


PIEDAD TARAZONA obras, Hechizos y Ablación
+MÁS Arte Contemporáneo


The installation FEMALE LEADERS, is a piece that pays tribute to 50 Young African women who refused to ablation in their native

Kembatta-Tembaro, Ethiopia.

Ablation is the removal of tissue from any part of the female genitals, particulary the clitoris with the purpose of removing sexual pleasure to women for cultural, religious or any other nonmedical reasons.

According to statistics, the practice of female circumcision currenty affects around 135 million women and girls worldwide. It is believed that this practiced with a much younger age to avoid that they can judge for themselves when they are older.

50 young and brave women inspire this sculptural installation, they created the Uncut Girls Club, a first generation of girls who refused to undergo female circumcision. This has been made public beating all kind of taboos.

Each of these pieces represents purity, delicacy and perfection woman´s right to her own feminity. In the words of the artist “ the complete installation talks about how we as women, organizinf ourselves can defend ideals, rising up our children, the gratitude that i have for life by being born female,for being a mother,,”